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Alan Smith Creative designs websites for business, companies, consultants and startups. The premium website is designed and delivered to the company business objectives. Alan Smith Creative provides Art Direction, Design Direction and Technical Direction.

Website-Design Select Package: The website design generally includes a content management system (CMS), essential search engine optimization (SEO) and social media links. You custom select a Website-Design Select Package of desired features or interactivity. These features might include: images, forms, PDF downloads, enhanced SEO, web analytics, ecommerce/woo commerce/shopping carts, and more. Your Website-Design Select Package selection  might include: website site maintenance, changes, additions and updates.

Special Web Creative Package: Select your package of website design, logo design, business cards, posters, trade show graphics and more. All of this at a super price and this is a great value for a growing company!

Alan Smith Creative establishes an estimate price for the successful design of the website from beginning to finished online website. Special purchases: images, video, special plugins, and special web programming cost extra! A proposal and working agreement will be written and agreed to for the successful design of the new website. A 50% deposit is required at the start of the design with balance payment due at completion of the design.

Creative Services from Alan Smith Creative include web image design, animation, logo design, branding, oversize graphics, interior signage/imagery, trade show graphics and what is wanted by the client company. Talk to Alan Smith Creative!

Alan Smith Creative has designed websites for a wide range of clients: construction management companies, home improvement, real estate, hotels, motels, travel, health services, personal trainer, dental, software start-ups, semi-conductor companies, telecommunications, technology design service, restaurants, micro-brewers, consultants and technology start-ups.

Start and Order a New Website Design or Redesign: Call or send and email to Alan Smith Creative. The client and Alan Smith Creative will meet in person or by phone and email about the new web design. Alan Smith Creative will write a website design proposal and general working agreement. This will include an overview of the new website design, general time line, estimated price, deposit and payment plan.

Alan Smith Creative charges a 50% deposit to start design and balance payment near completion. This allows Alan Smith Creative to add extraordinary value to a successful website design.  learn more about starting and ordering a website design . . .